Music with a mission.

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     Welcome to Human|Nature, home to a fine selection of electro, techno, tech-house, acid house, and progressive music. (And probably about 713 other chock-full-of-adjective genre names that we can't think of -- but that's okay, we prefer to let our music speak for itself).

     Human|Nature Music is a project of Ben Camp, Mat Leutwyler and Wally C, dedicated to creating quality music to share with the world, and helping others do the same.

     The founders of Human|Nature Music have a total of over two decades of experience in the dance music industry, and have an endless passion for the music they listen to and create. "Music with a mission" is all about inspiring that same passion for music in today's youth.

     Human|Nature believes that every child deserves a rich arts education experience, but we know that given the lack of arts funding in schools today, most children do not have access to such an education. It is for this reason that Human|Nature has teamed up with Arts in Motion, a charity arts education organization, and donates a portion of all its earnings to help give the gift of music to children who are less fortunate than ourselves.

The facts:

Children with an arts education develop more self confidence, stronger reading, writing, and math skills, higher school attendance records, and are 400% more likely to be recognized for their academic achievements than their peers who do not have access to an arts education.

(Click here to read more about the benefits of an arts education.)

The problem:

Despite all these incredible benefits of an arts education, funding for the arts in today's school systems is at a drastically low rate. Schools can't afford instruments, teachers have virtually no arts classroom space, and students are left without supplies. Today's children simply do not have access to the arts education that they need to develop.

The solution:

Recognizing both the importance and scarcity of arts education has led Human|Nature Music to dedicate itself to funding that education. A portion of every sale is donated to charity organizations like Arts in Motion - a non-profit arts-education organization dedicated to providing free electronic music composition lessons to underprivileged inner-city children. Arts in Motion (AIM) provides young students with a safe environment to study, perform and create. AIM also works with partner organizations to help high school drop-outs, using their passion for music to re-engage them, help them get their degree, find employment, and keep them away from the crime and violence of the city streets.

     "After spending a year giving free music lessons to at-risk inner-city youth -- kids who had never had musical outlets in their life-- I started to realize the true power of music, and how much I had been taking music for granted. Music is so versatile -- it can be created to communicate with others, or to reflect on one's own thoughts, it has the power to change moods, bring people closer together, and inspire our youth to achieve. I started Human|Nature to help inspire others to explore their own creative desires and to realize the power that music can have in their own lives and in the lives of others.

     Music is a beautiful part of Human|Nature, and nobody should denied the beauty of music."

     Ben Camp

     Founder, Human|Nature Music