Custom Audio for Video:

Human|Nature's years of experience
allow us to create audio solutions that:

- Engage the viwer with attention-grabbing music
- Focus the music to the ad's targeted demographic
- Support the ad's informational and graphic content
- Reinforce brand messaging

Proven Track Record:

What can Human|Nature do for your clients?
Take a look at these examples of Human|Nature's work
for recent  Prince, McDonalds, and Sprint campaigns.


(All music, voiceovers, and sound design (C) 2009 Human|Nature Music)

Audio for Commercials and Jingles:

The following demo reel includes jingles, instrumental music,

and voiceover work for radio advertisements :

If you decide a Human|Nature Custom Audio Solution would
fit the needs of your advertising campaign, please contact us:

To discuss further, please contact Ben Camp
by email:
or by phone: +1 (267) 242 2507

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