Ben Camp|Human|Nature|Music, USA // Silver Planet, UK
     You would think that after writing BBC Radio One's "Record of the Year," coordinating a charity music education program which provides free lessons to underprivileged children, working with Grammy-winning producers, teaching music production at a university, performing in venues throughout the world, and managing four record labels, Ben Camp might need to take a break, but he would disagree.

     Ben has found success with well-received releases on his Movim Recordings, Houseplant Records, Hatch Music and Human|Nature imprints, and three production deals with UK-based Silver Planet Recordings. He's also recorded and engineered with Grammy-winning producer David Ivory, received dancefloor support from DJs like Sasha, Sander, Digweed, Deep Dish, Josh Wink, Ferry Corsten, and performed all over the world, from Turnmills in London to the internationally-renowned music events at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Even after all this, he's not content to rest on his laurels, and continues to look to the future.

     After talking with Ben for even a few minutes, you'll understand that his endless passion for music has instilled in him a desire to constantly explore new territory. His current side project with members of the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra and Arts in Motion (a non-profit arts education and classical music organization), fuses together his favorite type of music -- bass-heavy dancefloor beats -- with complex harmonic structures and musical traditions that have stood the test of time. In Ben's latest club productions you can hear the intricate melodies of Bach and Beethoven dancing overtop a throbbing rhythmic tapestry, layered with swirls of stirring electronic soundscapes.

     Just picture "Switched-On Bach" toughened up for the 21st century, performed with some of the world's greatest classical virtuosi, married to an irresistible electronic rhythm. You'll start to get the idea.

Selected Press Quotes

-“He's got lyrics that are clever for days”
-Lin Manuel Miranda (Composer/Lyricist "In The Heights"), Jul. 2009, Johnny Mercer Songwriter's Project.

-“...a big room pounder with strong, thunderous percussion and a big breakdown... 7/8!”
-M8 Magazine Review of Timewreck, Jul. 2002.

“A Modern Day Masterpiece, absolute tune”
-Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West) Review of Syndrome, May 2004

“...Wicked tracks from BCML.” “Class!” “M7/M8!”
-M8 Magazine (UK) Featured Review of FUN/Ladysparkes, Feb 2005

-“...basshead Ben Camp’s Latin-laced tracks are the centerpiece of the two-CD block”
- Philadelphia City Paper review of Timewreck / Bedrock 3 Compilation. May 2002.

“Stunning breakbeat track...melody takes the track to the next level and beyond...Grade A’s... 5/5!”
-International DJ Magazine (iDJ, UK) Review of Grammar Lesson – Feb 2005

“Silver/Secret Planet’s finest producers
-M8 Magazine (UK) Review of Grammar Lesson EP, Feb 2005

-“twisted, groovy cut of the highest order... the day of Ben Camp approacheth
-Nick Bates (Bedrock) DJ Magazine review of Lost My Way (Kubist), July. 2003.

“I’ve been a big fan of Ben Camp, but this tops the lot...Chew your face time! M8/M8!”
- M8 Magazine review of Syndrome, June 2004

-“…gets it ON!...doing massive destruction around the world.”
- Chad Harnish, Progressive-Sounds review of Movian Force, Nov. 2002.

“...Ben Camp shows once again that he's looking down a different path to most but doing it well."
- DJ Magazine review of Syndrome (Feb , 2004)

“...a tough tribal monster that will push many a sound system to the limit... M8/M8”
– M8 Magazine Review of Burial Ground (Feb 2004)

“ one for the more charged dancefloor that really stands out! 4/5!”
-International DJ Magazine (iDJ, UK) Review of Syndrome, June 2004

Speedcats feat. Owen Jarvis - Speedcats - SILVER PLANET (UK 12")
     Speedcats – Speedcats – CREAM IBIZA (UK CD Mixed Eddie Halliwell)
     Speedcats – Speedcats – HOUSEMUSIC.DE (CD Mixed)
Speedcats feat. Alphabet Army – Some Start With Something – SILVER PLANET (UK 12”)
Acid Mutant – Acid Mutant / OkILikeYou – OVUM Recordings (US 12”)
BCML – Mr. Horowitz / Trubbel / More – SILVER PLANET (UK 2X12”)
Ben Camp – Twister / I H8 Make Music in the Morning – SILVER PLANET (UK 12”)
Ben Camp – Timewreck (Original / Mara remix) – FADE Recordings (US 12”)
     Ben Camp – Timewreck - BEDROCK (UK 3x12”/2xCD mixed Chris Fortier)
Ben Camp – Movian Force / Burning – INVERSUS Records (US 12”)
Ben Camp – Lost My Way / Peyote Dark – KUBIST Records (UK 12”)
Ben Camp – Emergence – SABOTAGE (UK 3x12”, 1xCD mixed - Cass)
Ben Camp & Patrick Turner – High Fashion Audio EP – DORIGEN (UK 12”)
Ben Camp & Patrick Turner – Movim EP 1 – TERRAFORM Records (US 12”)
Ben Camp – Flute EP (Flute & Laporta’s Theme) – HOUSEPLANT (US 12”)
Ben Camp & Hollis P. Monroe – Nothing Better – RENINFINITY (US 12”)
Ben Camp – Tripped Up – AGAVE Records (US 12”)
Ben Camp – Syndrome / Burial Ground – SILVER PLANET (UK 12”)
     Ben Camp – Syndrome – NETTWERK (2xCD mixed – Noel Sanger)
Ben Camp – New World / Sound & Fury – SILVER PLANET (UK 12”)
     Ben Camp – New World - BALANCE 006 (UK 2xCD mixed Anthony Pappa)
Ben Camp, Micah, & Mat Leutwyler – Grammar Lesson – SILVER PLANET (UK 12”)
Ben Camp – Where Your Mind – DRENCHED (UK 12”)
Ben Camp & Patrick Turner – Soldiers – MOVIM (US 12”)
Ben Camp – Dented / Driven – ERASE (UK 12”)

Penton + Duran – Control Factor (Control Freak Remix) – STELLAR (US 12”)
Woven – Solder Me (Hot & Soldered Remix) – FADE (US 12”)
Hollis P. Monroe – Wet Clothes (Drenched Remix) – RENINFINITY (US 12”)
Ozgur Can – The Love Below (Ben Camp & Mathew Leutwyler Mix) NORTHERN (US 12”)
Kosmas Epsilon – Hollow Rue (Ben Camp & Math Leutwyler Mix) NORTHERN (US 12”)
Ultra Nate – Free (Ben Camp Remix) CURRVE (US 12”)
Paganini – Caprice & Variations (Ben Camp & Hannah Jin Cole) ARTS IN MOTION (US CD)
Paul Hindemith – Sonata Fur Violin (Ben Camp & Gloria Justen) ARTS IN MOTION (US CD)